The Learning Tree Day Nursery  

...where we learn to share and we learn to care

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Pre-school Learners. 3 to 4 yrs


We can care for up to 12 babies in our baby room and your baby will have an individual care plan that follows their routine from home, as closely as possible.


We have a wide range of stimulating toys for your baby to enjoy using all their senses. We do many sensory and creative activities such as treasure basket play and exploring our bodies with paint and clay. We are very lucky to have the skills of a baby sensory specialist working for us and we have many activities to help the babies develop their cognitive development. In this room, we focus on the PRIME areas of the 'Early Years Foundation Stage': the children's communication and language, physical and personal, social and emotional development.


We enjoy using our very own sensory garden space, which the children can experience in all weathers, we are big believers in the benefits of fresh air for our babies. Your child's key person will feedback to you every day about what your baby has done and you will receive you very own home/nursery diary.

Littlest Learners. 6 months-2 yrs

This is an exciting room where our 2 year olds are treated as 2 year olds and not as mini 3 or 4 year olds! We see this age as unique and ever-changing. The children are developing their sense of self-worth and independence. Little Learners can free flow, during times of the day, alongside our Pre-schoolers, who are great role models for them.


With their key person close by their side, your child will learn to become a confident, self-believing individual who is able to start expressing their own needs and wants and have the confidence to do this.


All our two year olds are given a two-year review by their key person, where we look at the PRIME areas of the 'Early Years Foundation' stage and their progress so far, alongside their family and health visitor, to ensure that they are meeting the 'Early Learning Goals' and we are supporting them where needed.



Little Learners. 2 to 3 years


Our Pre-school is run by a highly skilled QUALIFIED PRE-SCHOOL TEACHER, who implements the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' throughout the nursery. During this age, we start the preparation for the school years ahead. We introduce the children to letters and sounds, letter formation, early maths skills and 'awe and wonder' through the exploration of fun and engaging play activities, that excite and interest the children.


The children are confident and independent learners and our staff help to scaffold this through careful questioning and detailed planning and assessment. We work very closely with all local schools and have great links with them.


We run an 'out to lunch' scheme each year where we visit the local school for lunch.



Pre-school Learners. 3 to 4 years


Key Person Approach

Our nursery and staff are highly committed to identifying and meeting the individual needs of each child. To aid this process we operate a key person system, whereby every member of staff is responsible for a group of children (a key family), working closely with their families and maintaining records of development and learning. When your child starts with us they will be allocated a key person, who will be responsible for monitoring and observing your child's individual development and interests. The key person will be your main point of contact within the nursery. If your child's key person is unavailable, a secondary key person within your child's room will be on hand to help you. We work on the basis that all of the staff within your child's room will know your child and have a bond with them but their key person will know their specific needs and have that extra special bond with them. 


Definition of a 'Key Person Approach': "This is a way of working in nurseries in which the whole focus and organisation is aimed at enabling and supporting close attachments between the individual children and individual staff. The key person approach is an involvement, an individual and reciprocal commitment between a member of staff and a family." Elfer. P, Goldscheidt.E. and Selleck.D. (2003) Key Persons i the Nursery' London: David Fulton.


Home Visits & Settling Into Nursery

All children are offered a home visit before their child starts with us. Visiting families at home before children start at the nursery helps to begin forming trusting relationships between children, families and practitioners in a more relaxed environment. This also starts the important process of sharing information, including the opportunity to start the conversation with parents about home learning and finding out what their child enjoys doing at home.


We then start settling in sessions within the setting where we gradually build up the time a child is left at nursery, this helps children get used to being at nursery in small steps. The number of sessions we do depends on each individual child.


We value each child and family as individual so for every child this process will be different.